Your-Cabs-LogoTo move from place to place we need some means of transportation. Typically, there are many alternatives for moving from one place to other place. One of the best choices is to take a cab.

Why cannot it be! Yourcabs is the best platform to connect with the customers, who are in need of transport. Cabs play an important role in the urban areas. There are various benefits of cabs over other means of transportation. Probably it is the fastest means of transportation, because it does not make multiple stops like auto rickshaw, buses or trains. It is best to choose a cab when we are moving to outstation, because the cab driver will be familiar with the places and will find the safest and efficient route to get your destination.  Therefore, everyone opt to go with the cabs. However, in today’s world there is an increasing need for everything, this implies to cabs also. There may be many cab services in the city but finding the customized one is difficult. When compared to past, the services are going online. Yourcabs offer a suitable offline (phone) and online platform to book cabs. Whether it may be a long distance trip or intra city travel. We feel fatigue after the long distance trip due to the means of transport we choose. However, in Yourcabs you will find the customized options, you need not to worry. Which makes your trip a ‘’happy journey’’.


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It is a Bangalore based startup founded in the year 2011. Yourcabs is an aggregation portal in car rental space and for booking cabs.

By choosing Yourcabs you need not worry to keep your trip as per your schedules. Moreover, do not fret about convenience and privacy.


Most of the people will think about convenience and privacy while moving for a trip and Yourcabs offers that. As of now, it has served 45, 00,000+kilometers. They have 12% off on all the local rides between the mid nights 11 PM to 3 AM (Rs 12 /km). This is cheaper than an auto. The cost incurred by the company is minimized by predicting customer cancellations. By predicting the cab cancellation an hour before, it is able to manage its vendors and drivers by providing up to date information about customer cancellation. Apart from this, they offer cabs for corporate sector, cabs for weeding and luxury cars when you are planning for out station trip.

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Yourcabs has received an undisclosed amount in Angel funding from Sprism Investors private limited. The founder mentioned that the money will be utilized for technology back- end and on marketing.


RAJATH KEDILAYA (Co-Founder and CEO of

He is an Engineering graduate from IIT-Bombay and completed his Masters in Microelectronics group at IIT-Bombay. After his education, he worked as a Circuit Design Engineer at Pixcelchips private limited. After that, he worked as a Technology Manager at Wipro EcoEnergy.  He co-founded Yourcabs. He is responsible for the overall functioning of the Yourcabs.


He holds a dual degree in Microelectronics from IIT-Bombay. He has been granted multiple patents and authorized two IEEE papers. He started his career with Philips semi conductors. Later he worked as a Program manager at Cypress semi conductors.


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