Startup communities should create things that involve everyone. The entrepreneurial ecosystem needs opportunities, staff and entrepreneur to create companies. It also needs mentors, coaches, investors and people who serve as guides. After all, it needs government support and capital.

  1. Headstart  Network Foundation

It is a section 25 company, established in 2008. It is the largest network  for early startups in India. Being a earliest community in the startup ecosystem, you can find a lot of people who have been a part of startup community.  Headstart network had a vision to “change the world through entrepreneurship”. In the early 2005-06, it was one of the startup communities to arrange the informal and formal meetings of aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs in India.

Headstart network provides the entrepreneurs with various facilities they need.

It works with a strong network of startups, government, investors, tech community and industry professionals. It pledged to build up the tech community of India through Headstart hackerspace. It is a platform for molding a community of technologists for India.

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Headstart network is spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, kochi, Trivandrum, Kolkata, Bhopal .

Headstart network have various groups in Facebook, Google, Linked In. It is best to know about them in these social groups as lot of people had just joined the community.

In Google group it has 7000+ members,

In Facebook group it has 13,000+ members,

In linkedIn, it has 1,800+ members.

  1.  Startup Saturdays

It is a initiative of Headstart network. It is run by volunteers and full time professionals. Startup Saturdays are oldest and popular startup events. The events are organized on second Saturday of every month. They encourage the early entrepreneurs to obtain knowledge, inspiration. These startup Saturdays invite product companies to come and give demo, and they invigorate the audience to give  feedback about the product, that may help them better.


Inorder  to participate in the startup Saturday event, the events have a nomial registration fee in some cities. It is head quatered in Banglore but carrying its operations in some of the main cities.

  1.  OpenCoffee


OpenCoffeeClub was first started in London by one of the founders of skype, SAUL KLEIN.

It is now spread all over the world. It was just an regular, informal meeting  place for the startup people to meet together. It is group meeting for investors, entrepreneurs, industry professionals to discuss, network and grow. In India, OpenCoffeeClub was started in Chennai by Siddharta govindraj and Vaidyanathan MG. This group has 60 members, 25 members meet every month and in the next month, another 25 members are involved. This club is not only for techies but also for all sorts of entrepreneurs. OpenCoffeeClub helps on various aspects of startups  of startups such as technical support, infrastructure, networking for hiring and seek for funding etc,. It is available in Google groups and face book which are city specific.

e.g :Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai have different Google       groups with respective members.


Hackerstreet is certainly similar to hacker news. It consists of Indian hackers and product builders as community. It is named over years as itself as a good Q&A based forumor discussion group. It forms a great path to communicate, learn, build, network with innovators across the startup ecosystem in India. Hackerstreet is the place where you can find lot of people active at the same time you can interact with them.

  1.  NextBigCommunity

It was formerly forum. was older Indian startup community. Ashish sinha, is the man behind this astounding site. He started this venture in 2007 after working for companies like IBM, Yahoo etc. Today,  stands as one of the most trusted community of entrepreneurs. This community helps in for support functions, hacks, tricks, research, technology etc.











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