The painful process of finding a name for your product

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Recently we had to come up with a name for our product that we had been working for some time. The initial name that we used to call it was more relevant and derived on the basis of the problem it tries to address. But we can not go with that lengthy or more meaningful name. What we need these days are short and catchy names and it is totally fine even if the name of the product doesn’t relate to what it does. If you all remember till recently we have seen several products named with an “i” as a prefix after iPod was a hit. The “i” fever was so much in India that there was a contraceptive drug named such that it had an “i” in the beginning. ¬† I guess that trend is receding now.

Even to name this blog, we had to go through a huge effort as any domain name related to “tech” was already reserved and pointed to a static page which asked us to send a quote¬† to buy it. I remember the times when people used to book domain names related to big companies and the actual owners had to buy those domain names at a much higher price. I guess it was sort of a business at that time. But now things changed. People are not waiting or planning to buy domain names.

Big companies are ready to spend the same amount in advertising with an URL almost similar to their brand name in a corner of their ads, rather than buying the URL that exactly matches their brand name. This will increase their brand value and also take the URL to its customers. More over gone are those days where people remember an URL and type it in the address bar. After Mozilla and Chrome address bars got transformed to search fields, companies are less worried to procure URL’s that exactly match their brand names. The reason is that due to the online advertising and search results pointing to the correct URL, the chance that a customer goes to a fake website is very less.

I guess that it is high time that all those people who book domain names in order to sell them off at a higher price should realize the ground reality and release all those blocked domain names or at least stop re-booking them from now on.

More over with the ICANN allowing various domain name extensions, the reason for any of us to wait for a “.com” or “.net” or a .something is not required any more. Some examples may be or These are some non conventional urls that i am aware of. If you know any other interesting web sites please share it with us.

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