How do we share  news, photos, videos, articles etc to our teammates?

We just email them, or post on a social network etc. these process are time consuming. Due to this, we may miss some of our team members to share or sharing many things at a time may not be possible. However, there is a solution for this problem.

Teamgum, a new tool browser extension, which makes you to share everything simply. With this application, you can share articles in the web with your team by just clicking the gum it button on the app. It just keeps away you from copy pasting and email threads. Here, gum means sharing.

It allows us to share web links straight away with your team members. It provides social elements like likes, comments, recommends, bookmarks and discussions. Deltecs infotech people behind Drona mobile developed this app.

Teamgum  provides you a timeline view. So that you can catch up things easily. You are not interrupted when someone shares something.


This mobile app has many features. The user can just share web pages by gumming it with your teammates. In addition images, videos, links can be shared by just clicking on the gum it button. It also has other options like discussion, which allows you to have a contextual discussion on the things you shared with your teammates. If you really like what you read, just hit worth it to acknowledge the contributor. Therefore, it drives other team members to share the context. Still many options are accessible on Teamgum app.

It saves your stuff; you can search for the content by typing the keyword in the search bar. This app can be used on offline mode only in mobile devices.

To know more about the features about teamgum just go to this link:

This app is available on iPhone, Android and Black Berry. It runs on browsers like chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.  You can follow Teamgum on face book and twitter. You can integrate with other accounts like face book, twitter, yahoo etc.

It is free for the first 5 users and unlimited shares for more users it is 5 dollars per user per month with unlimited shares.

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If interested and interested to join  the Teamgum team, email to


Divyesh Kharade (Co-Founder and CEO of Deltecs Infotech company)

He has done his graduation under the stream electronics from Sardar Patel College of Engineering. Then he joined as a project engineer in Wipro technologies worked for 2 years and later the co founded DRONA, a mobile enterprise for learning, training, communication and other multimedia delivery platforms. Later he worked as the director of Bizpuditz. Now, he is the CEO of Teamgum.

Jinen Dedhia (MD and Founder of Teamgum)

He completed his graduation in B.E (COMPUTER SCIENCE) at Sardar Patel college of Engineering. Then he joined as a project engineer in Wipro technologies where he worked on wireless VoIP technologies, E-Ticketing, M-Ticketing etc. after that, he worked as M.D of Deltecs infotech. Since 8 years, he had been focusing on technology products for social and learning. Teamgum is the latest addition in the world of learning.

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