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As a startup founder, you may have considered whether or not you should give up equity to join an accelerator. If decided to join, then the next question that arises in our mind is which accelerator to join? I know that this is going to be a tough decision. But here are some tips that you should consider before deciding on any accelerator.

Did all your co-founders agreed to join the accelerator?

This is the most important decision that you and your team mates (co-founders of your startup) should have reached a consensus that you need to join an accelerator. If not, then you need to get this cleared out before you think of anything else.

Does the accelerator’s goals align with your startup’s goal?

Sometimes, it may so happen that you end up in an accelerator whose goals are against your startups goals. In order to clarify this, you need to look at startups from earlier batches and find out what their goals were and what they are doing now. This will give you a broader picture of the goals of the accelerator.

Look out for the mentors in the accelerator

Try to know about the mentors in accelerator that you are planning to join. Because at the end of the day, mentors are going to be your biggest asset during and after your accelerator journey.

How much equity are you going to loose to the accelerator

Another key factor in deciding which accelerator to join, is the equity that you are going to give to the accelerator.  In case of branded accelerators it is totally okay to shed a little more equity given the value they add to your startup.

What brand value does an accelerator add to your startup

Don’t just join any accelerator program that accepts your startup. The most important part of joining an accelerator should be to get good mentorship and excellent branding. Best example would be that many people love to try out products that are out from Y-Combinator accelerated companies compared to some other not so famous accelerators. The accelerators brand value should add to your startup too.

Talk to the graduated startups from an acceleator

This may be little tricky. But it is equally important to talk to the people at startups that just graduated from your interested accelerator. An accelerator can have a huge brand name but one of the main visionary or mentor or contributor could have left recently after which the accelerator lost stem. This sort of information, you will only get by talking to the previous batch startups.

Finally you have do the same amount of research or analysis that you ideally  would have done before starting your startup in order to join an accelerator.

Just in case if you are looking for a list of Startup Accelerators in India.  Below is a alphabetically sorted list.

Startup Accelerators in India

This is the list of accelerators that I knew, as I have done posts on some of the accelerator program launches on like

If I missed any other accelerators worthy to be mentioned here, please leave  a comment.



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