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Squarecoins is a unique digital loyalty program. It helps you to get rewards at your favorite places. Instead of filling your wallet with multiple loyalty cards, Squarecoins are the best , because they give great rewards in the most fun and exciting way.

What we need to do is just download this App and use it at any squarecoins participating merchants. This app is available in Android market, App store and Black Berry app world. And soon it will be available in Windows. You can use this app on android and ios based smart phones.

Squarecoins are nothing but points you earn for your loyalty visits at merchants place.

How can you get Squarecoins?

You can get this by purchasing in a store from the listed merchants, for each visit, you will receive 10 squarecoins. Once you download this app, pick up a squarecoins card and simply scan the App QR code at the merchant’s tablet. Then either register your card with Facebook id or email id. Then earn square coins for the every visit. These squarecoins earned at a place are distinct to that particular place. The more you visit, greater the rewards. Then go to the merchants tablet, select the reward you want to redeem, just confirm it and get your reward.

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The active merchants that are participating this program are:-

  1. Chaayos
  2. Eagle boys
  3. Kori’s
  4. QDs Restaurant
  5. Rico’s
  6. T’Pot café

Currently it is available in 10 different locations in Delhi.

To know more about the reward points and active merchants, please have a look at this link:- http://www.squarecoins.com/find-places/

Exciting rewards waiting for you. Don’t miss!!!

Once u finished with this, you can share your visits, rewards automatically on face book. Another facility is that you can get updates of new offers, special invites from your favorite places.

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Founder and VP (Sales and operations) at Squarecoins.com

He graduated from Symbiosis international university in M.B.A (Finance). Later he joined as corporate treasury in the mother dairy fruit and vegetables Private Ltd. After that, he thought to establish a simple and powerful solution for the  business problem  - How  a company can  connect with their customers.

Later he worked with his friend  Gaurav Dalal  on this , which came out  as Squarecoins.

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