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Assume that you are planning to buy a gadget, what do you do?

Some conventional things what we usually do are we will ask a friend, check some websites to review about the product and finally ratings of the product. But, do you think these things will provide the complete information about the gadget? May be sometimes!!! After doing all these things we buy the gadget neither with satisfaction nor with adjustment. This happens because of the quality of information we get. We will not get correct/accurate reviews in every website. One site varies from the other. In some sites, they list only about the merits but skip about the demerits of the gadgets.

I think it would be helpful for us, if there were one such website that provides correct information about the gadgets, electronics and digital stuff. Then it helps to avoid confusion and gain clarity. is a product discovery and research tool for consumer electronics powered by online expert reviews. They focus on the part of the gadget, and the reviewer rating for it. Reviewgist use this information and create a powerful comparison and recommendation in order to enable a more informed shopping experience. It collects information about the gadgets; electronics etc from various trusted review sites and aggregates all these reviews together to give us a complete picture about the product. These opinions are given ratings for our convenience.




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It is a Cobaan technologies private limited, a privately funded startup based out of Gurgon. The information in this site is very concise. Instead of reading a lot of text about the product, it gives the information what we really want. In addition, they provide specification and pricing list for some of the leading online retailers. It is presently aggregating 3,60,100 reviews covering over 29,112 products. It has been receiving daily page reviews of 11,085. It has FWR site popularity score 2 out of 5 stars. Reviewgist website is linked with 410 websites.


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