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plustxt_main_article_1_1369634530_540x540Communication is an exchange of views, and to communicate with others we use language. Moreover, this happens by directly talking, phone calls and purely messaging.

Most of the people use messaging as a medium to communicate with others. Because of phone calls, there will be some sort of disturbance while talking when you are outdoor. Therefore, we need a platform for messaging. In today’s world, there are many apps in the market to chat all around the world. They are rendered at very low cost and they enable to chat with everyone, anywhere.


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A similar app is of Plustxt and somewhat quite different from others because of its feature. It allows us to send text in our regional language. Isn’t it different from others? This app allows fast text messaging in any Indian language and as fast as other mobile apps. It is a Bangalore Based startup. It was started in the year 2011.


As most of the people communicate in their own mother tongue, this app is aptly suits them. Plustxt India app is available in languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjab, Kannada and Tamil. You can send and receive the message in the same language from the recipient. Plustxt gives you the surety and confidence to send text in you regional language. This app is available in Google play store. It has received 1,00,000 downloads. Plustxt has 2.5 lakh registered users worldwide with 1 lakh are from India. This app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.


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Plustxt Company collaborated with Reverie for the local language support. One97 has acquired Plustxt.


Plustxt faces good competition from Bharati softbank’s Hike, Whats App,  Tencent’s WeChat, Imsy, GupShup Messenger and Sabeer JaxtrSMS.


Plustxt has incubated under Microsoft Accelerator program. This company has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Bangalore Angels, Mumbai Angels and InMobi’s co-founder Amit Gupta.


PRATYUSH PRASANNA (Founder at Plustxt )

He is an engineering graduate from IIT-Kharagpur. In addition, did his Masters in MBA from IIM-Calcutta. He works as a software engineer at Webtek  software, he worked as a program manager and product planner at Microsoft. Later worked as Innovative Manager at Xerox. After working with all these opportunities, he founded Plustxt. Now he is the vice president for Paytm.


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