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How do you highlight your business? On the other hand, what do you do to get others know about your business??

The answer is we simply advertise it. However, in today’s internet world, everything is donning through the internet. Even a grocery shop has a website in these days. Every business either small scale or large-scale business should have a website.

In India, the consumers behavior is ROPO (research online and purchase offline), computing the website for local search is critical. However, some sites end up being new web pages providing information but no other value.  Their interest of going online is all about getting valve with minimal investment of money and time.

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 In India, there are 47 millions of small and medium scale businesses, but only 700K registered websites. But web enabled sites small business see significant advantages. So it becomes necessary to have web page for every small-scale business. These businesses had 51% higher revenues, 49% more profit and 7% broader customer base than their offline only counterparts.

Creating website was little bit hard, it requires a software person, and it takes some time. NowFloats is Hyderabad based startup, founded in 2012. This startup is the business of providing SME website up in just 13 minutes using SMS as a medium to communicate. It believes that getting business through SMS is sustainable. In addition, the website can be updated by sending regular SMS and through subscription feature. Isn’t wondering you that website is created in just 13 minutes, SME try yours now here:

Impact on users:

How can not the user be attracted by this offer and the fast service by NowFloats !!!

It was started in 2012, it has so far authorized more than 8,000 business ranging from small boutique shops to multi-store chains like Mom&Me, Colorplus, Hasbro etc. At present, Nowfloats is adding around 500 customers for every couple of weeks. For over 40 countries around 5000 business are using Nowfloats. The company processes more than 8 million requests and registers 115,000 page views for monthly basis. This startup has offices at Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The mobile app is available in android and windows smart phones.

Nowfloats has 20% customers outside India. This startup has partnership with Verisign, Getit and iSpirit in India along with Microsoft in Africa. The main aim of this startup is that the SME Business should get online. It has now more than 4000 customers.

 So Do you think that your SME business should have a website now !!!

No risk just SMS ‘float’ to 56767878 or +9192464626 from your mobile and your website is ready under 13 minutes.


 you could just visit to get a website instantly and know more

The website created by NowFloats can be updated by sending regular SMS and through subscription feature. It ensures your website to highly ranked search engines to allow more visitors to your site. This is an amazing feature rendered by


1.     GoDaddy

2.     Shopify

3.     BuildBazaar

4.     Shopnix

5.     Justdail


NowFloats does over a million rupees revenue on a monthly basis. It was incubated at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. This startup has raised angel investment led by Blume ventures and Mumbai Angels.



He is an engineering graduate in computer science, and studied integrated marketing program in University of Pennysylvania-The Wartson School. In between his education, he worked as a project lead at TCS and later became program manager at Microsoft.  Later he took the responsibility as director in Microsoft global services and co-founded NowFloats.

NITIN JAIN(Co-Founder & COO at NowFloats)

He holds a degree in engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology. Then he worked as an engineer in General Electric after that he did MBA from Indian School of Business. And worked as a Business Manager in Birlasoft limited, Intelligroup Inc and Microsoft. He worked in Microsoft for 4 years. Then co-founded NowFloats.

RONAK KUMAR SAMANTRAY(Co-Founder at NowFloats)

He was  an engineering graduate from College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar. After his education he worked as Senior Software Design Engineer at Microsoft and Co-Founded NowFloats.





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