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Nirvana Information Inc-It works in direct marketing and financial service industries, NI is to give the creative large scale web solutions to the customers. Its main motto is “innovation made in china”.

Nirvana Information Inc. was founded in March 2007 by executives from the Silicon Valley start-ups and leading Chinese enterprise software companies.It has breath taking growth even in the Great Recession. The key to the growth of NI is  relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. Here everyone works for the main motto -INNOVATION &EXCELLENCE.

The corporate culture in NI always extracts the best .Nirvana Information Inc has attracted many skilled & talented individuals from the Fortune 500 China software development centers and leading software companies. NI has about 20% of the developers have over eight years experience in developing  software solutions. NI  hires  the best and bright and experienced professionals. The retention rate is 90 percent in NI . It shows their success and ability to provide quality products and services to their customers.

Nirvana Information Inc delivers projects to customers on time and under budget. The main business focus is to provide end to end solutions for direct marketing and financial services industries in the U.S and China. Their flagship product in direct marketing industry has greatly used by several major U.S. insurance companies and China auto dealerships. Their products helps  to improve the end users’ productivity, reduce their marketing cost and expand their growth in the competitive market. NI has products and services.N-MES & N-EAS are product related apps . NI has ITO & IT Consulting services.


N-MES — Nirvana Manufacture Execution System

MES is a dynamic information system that powers efficient execution of manufacturing operations. It helps clients collecting on site data, improving on site productivity and decreases production cost.
N-MES Features

  •  Production Control
  • Purchasing
  •  Quality Management
  •  Material Management
  •  Manufacturing Engineering

N-EAS — Nirvana Enterprise Application Suite

N-EAS is a set of internet-based enterprise application suite . It meets the needs from different aspects. Using the newest WCF framework and WF work flow engine from Microsoft, N-EAS supports a variety of database applications.

  • Module includes
  • Collaborative Business
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • e – Business
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Retail.


ITO — Information Technology Outsourcing

Nirvana Information Inc., provides custom application development and application maintenance services to their clients. NI strives for customer needs and satisfaction. NI uses QA automation and stress testing framework for quality products.
Typical services NI provides

  • Application Development
  • Graphics Design
  • Architecture Design
  • QA Testing with QA automation and stress testing
  • Application Maintenance and Support
IT Consulting — Information Technology Consulting

NI provides a  professional services for a variety of companies and industries.NI suggests best solutions for their clients on a variety of technical, business, and project management issues.

Information System Consulting

  • Needs Assessments
  • Business Process/Workflow Analysis
  • Requests for Proposal
  • Software Evaluation & Selection
  •  Project Management
  • Data Model Development

Technology and Management Consulting

  •  Strategic Technology Planning
  • Technology Audits
  • Project Management
  • IT Staff Recruiting and Structure Studies
  • DBA (Database Administration) Services

NI strives for their motto and provides excellent services to their customers with their quality products.



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