In order to run a successful business, advertising plays an essential and important role.  Nothing can be achieved without advertisement. There are different types of advertisements at present. Everything relies upon advertisements and without ads we don’t know to choose the best product or service.  Now a days  lakhs  of money is spent for two to three minutes of advertisement.

Meterdown is Indians first Auto rickshaw for mass advertising. They are dedicated completely to use potential of auto rickshaw.  It is complete auto rickshaw branding.  It was started in Western Mumbai, Maharashtra.  This form of advertisement is worthy.  Because these autorickshaws travel from place to place, so that advertisement becomes easy and affordable.  The reason for using auto rickshaw is to utilize the unbroached space among the saturated media by creating value in the form of innovation.  Meter down will act as a bridge connecting the provider and seeker.

Meterdown is  the perfect medium of advertising for new product launches, grand opening, campaign about web site or radio station and announcing sale or promotion. Meter down introduces clutter -free and response oriented mediums for your brand.

The advertising area on auto rickshaw will be

  • Back lit panels on rickshaw
  • Back sticker on hoot
  • Inside auto rickshaw branding

auto branding

The passengers in Meterdown are  working professionals, college  students etc…,. when you are advertising through Meterdown, you can reach everyone.  Inside the auto rickshaw there is a Meterdown monthly magazine that is placed neatly behind the driver’s seat where you can read about business tips, relationship advice, city info, places to hangout, personality profile and even more. The advertisers are mostly FM radio channels, FMCG companies and financial institutions.

You can follow Meter down on face book and twitter.

FUNDING:- It was started with Rs.25, 000/-as initial seed fund.

Some of the similar advertising companies like Meter down are

  1. Auto Rickshaw advertising company (Mumbai)
  2. Auto Ads India  (Delhi)
  3. AY Auto (Pune)
  4. JAG bros (Hyderabad)


founders of md

Mulchand Dedhia (Co-Founder at Meter down)

He was graduated from R.D. National College in Bachelors in Mass Media. Post graduation in IIM-Ahmadabad.  He is professional freelance photographer.  He was co-founder at photo corner and co-founder at Meter down.  He was a true entrepreneur.

Inshan Mehta  (Co-Founder and Editor at Meter down)

He was a writer and entrepreneur.  He worked as a content writer for veteran agencies like Ogilvy and Mather, Hungama and Mauj.  He is the editor of monthly magazine “Meter down”.  He was the winner of the Economic Times, Power of India contest 2010.  Now he is working as creative strategist at Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited.

Simi Atwane   (Co-Founder at Meter down)

She completed her bachelor degree in Mass Media in university of Mumbai. In addition, Masters in broadcast tourism in the University of Sheffield.  She is a media entrepreneur, a start up admirer and social media lover.  She was online reporter at Mumbai mirror online, later joined as Associate account executive at 20:20 media. Then she co-founded Meter down, presently working as a tutor in Kumon.


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