Mahindra Rise Solar Challenge for $1 million

Mahindra Rise Solar Challenge

Applications for the Mahindra Rise, Solar challenge are open till June 28, 2014. The aim of this challenge is to make rooftop solar adaptation a reality; through an Affordable Small-Sized DIY Rooftop Solar Kit that carries the promise of making energy available and affordable to all.

What’s in it for you:

  1. $300,000 to develop an Affordable Small-Sized DIY Rooftop Solar Kit for household energy needs.
  2. Meet with industry experts, potential mentors, and join a growing community of innovation stars in India.
  3. Get privileged access to events across the country, and take part in webinars, Twitter chats, and Google Hangouts.
  4. Free access to our Resources section for the latest updates on the innovation landscape in India.

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