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Product documentation always played a key role in the success or the adaptability of any product. From the huge printed manuals that used to come with the instruments in the pre-internet era, to the latest PDF’s, screencasts and live chat softwares, product help has always been there in one form or the other.

With the drift from desktop software to web based service platforms, the importance of customer support has just increased. The recent substitution for the product help are the “How To” videos. But some times, these videos are not of great help as they would have the customer has to switch between two views to follow the steps mentioned in the video.

As you all know that we started JustBaked! a launchpad for startups to showcase their products, the first entry came from  With whatfix extensions installed in our browser, we can create step-by-step  work flows easily.

Here is a link to  a 2 minute video on how to create flows using Whatfix.

Flows, as called in are soon going to replace the web help How To videos and screen casts. Any one can create a flow on any website if the whatfix plugins are installed.

A chrome extension and a Mozilla add-on are available. Flows created by users can be viewed by others within the website. More over these flows can be easily embedded in presentations also. These flows give an user experience as good as if a customer support executive is just next to you.

WhatFix is among the First 10 Finalists Selected for #InTech50 Most Innovative Products from India

Founded by Khadim and Vara Kumar, this startup from Bangalore has a long way to go.

You can follow whatfix developments at

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