Live a Life its way — Side Effects of Social

We at Technora publish to catch up with the emerging world of what’s revolving and changing continuously. Today I decided to post something different with a thought to look around you and observe it and enjoy for moments alone.

Social networking has made us friends and across oceans just like pen friends who never meet or I should say rare chances of meeting. Its all VIRTUAL. We go to places to snap a foto and share on the Social. Get a few comments but none with emotions. Are we not loosing “HUMAN TOUCH?”. Yes we are and that’s growing faster than we expected reducing us to meager “HUMAN COMMODITY”. what would you think would be the impact on the future of generation next?. Selfish, Self Centered, Derailed (morally, intellectually), introverts and less of emotions.

A change is inevitable part of life. We never realize the value of what we have till we loose it. I grew up interacting with my friends all around. I speak to my friends as if I just spoke to them even after years passed. Yes I agree that we all came together initially but  just left with status updates as of now.

I don’t want my next Gen to be FB addicts.

Signing off…


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