JustBaked! A launchpad for startups

As an Entrepreneur, coming up with an idea and building a product around it, is only the  first half of the story. The remaining and most important part is to take to the people and get them to use it. As you all know, the initial set of users of your product matter a lot in your product’s success. These initial customers are also known as Early Adopters. There are many marketing tips and tricks to get your Early Adopters.

I did a post on how a new Startup can get its Early  Adopters. But many websites charge you to get your early adopters.

Some times the development costs might have already eaten into your pockets and by the time your product is market ready, you are out of steam.

To help such Entrepreneurs, and to help their ideas blossom, we started “JustBaked!“. Here any startup can submit a demo video link or the website of their product. We will go through that product and do a review of it, if we see its merit.

This way, we will be able to help startups to publicize their products to our Technora readers. This will help the startup in building its critical mass. Our aim is to encourage the Startup Eco System and try to reduce the marketing costs for early stage startups.

We believe Money should not be a limiting factor for a great idea to be successful.

Please let us know what you feel about JustBaked!

If you know of any Startups with a demo ready product, please share this information with them.

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