Startup Incubators

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As we know, Indian Incubators are growing swiftly and they offer a great support to the entry level entrepreneurs across India. But no matter how talented  startup’s are, they need some external help because, it takes some time to grow from a seed to a plant. These  Incubators form a perfect bridge from idea to execution. They nurture young firms and helps them to survive in the early stage.

What a Start-up Incubator provide

  • They provide networking to mobilize external services and mentoring
  • Tackle burdensome regulations
  • They offer one-stop facility for counsel, skills, shared facilities
  •  They enable entrepreneurs to learn from each other
  • They also promote cultural change and economic growth.

How to choose an incubator

There are 4 main factors that need to be considered  in order to choose the right incubator.

  • Incubators will nurture a business in its startup phase and allow it to develop at its own pace,making them ideal for entrepreneurs who want to grow their company steadily over time.
  •  Second is location. It is better to select a program type that is located close to your city, in order to have more interaction with your mentors, partners etc,. It is beneficial later. And also certain cities may be better for particular industries.
  • The next is Industry focus. You need to check the industry the incubator or accelerator specializes in. You need to choose an incubator that connects you to leaders in your industry, and also provide industry specific facilities.
  •  And finally, services that are provided by incubator. Make sure the services offered by incubators are completely desired. you need to find the one that offer necessary services for your Startup.

Below is a list of Startup Incubators in India.

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