Being hired by a company is a long process. First, you have to search for the company and has to upload your resume, wait for the interview and then selection process. In some of the web sites, you will not get complete information about the company and about the job description. It is better if you could find all the things at one place. This makes hiring process easy. There are many platforms for job posting sites. However, posting the job on a most famous site helps easy recruitment for the company. Now-a- days there are many sites emerging in the world wide web. Some of the sites are Naukari, Times jobs, Monster.com etc. Job posting in social network became popular and the response from it is ultimate. These days everyone are accessing social network. Recruitment through social network has become  very easy. In addition, the job seeker need not  fill any new registration forms .

One such site is hiring for job through social recruitment. Moreover, it is HIRE RABBIT. It is different from others. This company is just exited private beta and has formally launched software-as-a-service platform for creating personalized job sites on Face book pages. It is not only employer branded but also allows candidates to apply for jobs directly through Face book. Applications are directly deposited in to company ATS through integrations.

Hire rabbit is a Bangalore based company, originally founded in October 2011. This company has over 200 sign-ups from small business, recruiting agencies and enterprise customers from U.S, Europe and Asia. It is a Microsoft accelerator program.

It is easy to use social and mobile recruiting software.

Impact on users

It has a large impact on the users. Because maximum people has Face book page and those who access face book page will definitely know about it. 84% of job seekers have Face book profile and 64% of the profiles have at least one job hunting activity.16% of all job seekers has received a job referral from face book friend. Hirerabbit cater companies of all sizes around the world, right from the startups to large corporations.


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Moreover, this software is designed to be used by non-techie staff, easy to create customized face book pages without needing to know how to code. In addition, allows the Employers to upload photos, videos and broadcast jobs on twitter and link information to face book fan page.

The people who are visiting the page can easily share, like and tweet jobs. The job description page created by Hirerabbit serve as perfect landing pages for face book ads, this may be utilized by the recruiting companies to attract and engage  passive candidates from face book.

Similar apps like hirerabbit are:

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  2. Angelist
  3. Erejobs
  4. Headhuntin
  5. Aftercollege



 PRAFFUL SHARMA (Founder at Hirerabbit)

 He holds a degree in B.E at National Institute of Technology, Karnataka. After his education he worked along with his friend in BiggerRole, IBM and Sterling Commerce. In 2011 he founded Hirerabbit.


He completed his graduation in B.Tech (E.I.E) at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. Then he joined as project engineer at Wipro technologies. Then worked as senior software engineer at sterling commerce and then worked as software developer at IBM. Later he co-founded BiggerRole and Hirerabbit.









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