Health plays a vital role in our life. It is a dynamic process and goes on changing day by day. As our lifestyle changes, health condition also changes. If our life style improves to a better level, our health also improves and we experience less diseases and sickness. Physical health is the only one thing of our overall health.

However, today nobody is concentrating on their health, fitness etc, and due to their busy life style. They have no time for gyms, fitness center, aerobics etc. Because of this, even  young people are suffering from severe heart problems, obesity and hypertension. In addition, their life is going to ruin. All this happened because of their sedentary lifestyle. Not only life style but also unhealthy food which had much fat, calories, oils etc and combination of junk food, irregular eating and oil-laden sweets. They do not know the fat, protein content and calorie content in their taken food.

In India there are 62 million people are diabetic patients and 70% of the white-collar workers are overweight.

All these happen because they skip exercise and eat unhealthy food.

An English proverb says:   “HEALTH IS WEALTH”

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Not all the people but some are cautious about their health. These people spend a lot of money to dietitians, fitness trainer, nutritionists and Gyms etc.

HealthifyMe is a mobile app headquartered in Bangalore. It cuts down the time spent with your doctors and it is at affordable cost. This app is used a calorie-counter, fitness and weight loss. This app aims to simplify healthy living. In our busy life schedule, it is difficult to track about our health. It is just difficult. This was made easy by HealthifyMe app, which was built up by doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers and they are guaranteed with good results. The main thing the users have to do is track your food and exercise.


It attracts the users by its features. It acts as a personal coach for you to track about your health, fitness and lose weight. This app has voice and photo tracking, so it becomes easy for you to track your food and exercise. It is available for 24×7, with just a call or click away. Our nutritionists and trainers are ready to suggest you. It has world’s largest database of 10,000 Indian foods with calorie tracker, it is available in 13 regional languages in India. It is very simple to use. So get access today.

If you are opting for weight lose program, isn’t it boring? However, in this app you compete with people on our leader board and earn points. It makes weight losing program a game not a compulsion. A 12-week program designed to lose weight is of added advantage to the users. Therefore, you no need to wait to get slim.

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 It is a seed funded startup from individual investors. It is the first batch of Microsoft Accelerator.



He was graduated from university of Pennsylvania in 2007 with bachelor of applied science. After his graduation, he worked as Analyst in Deutsche bank and later he worked on unique identification (UID) project for 2 years to Government of India. After this, he founded HealthifyMe app, which has wide range of users. He was a passionate singer and love to write and record songs in his free time.


Cherin was a computer science graduate from MIT. In between his education he worked as a systems engineer at Raytheon and digital ASIC engineer at Aware, Inc. and later worked for UID in India and them co -founded  HealthifyMe along with his friends. At present working as a Product Manager in Bitsight technologies at Cambridge.


Sachin was graduated from university of Calicut. He worked as a lead engineer at HCL Technologies. Later, software engineer at Google for 6 years where he worked across products (Google Finance, Google SMS Channel, Orkut Developer Platform and Google Dev. Platform). Totally, he has 13 years of experience. Now, he is Head of Engineering at HealthifyMe.


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