Gungroo- A Safe Web for children


Parents want their children to explore  the world. However, with this running world there are many complications occurring at present. Children do not know anything and there are chances for them to deviate from their goals. But it is necessary to move on with the society. It would be better if there were some safety websites and safe mobile messaging apps for children. They will learn and enjoy alot , at the same time their parents  need not worry about them.

One such website is Gungroo. In addition, it offers two mobile apps for children. With are under strict parent control.

  1. Roo kids
  2. My Sketch Roo


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Roo kid is a fun messaging app for children under parent control. This app is available for iPads. It is better to use this app instead moving into social sites, which are not safe for children.

My Sketch Roo is intuitive sketching and coloring app for iPad, it is safe for children and allows to use it under parent control. It has public gallery so others can appreciate your sketches.

Impact on users

It is quite safer than other websites especially when compared to other social websites. It provides all the facilities like other networks and everything is done under parent control. It is must to know everything in this present digital world. However, some social sites allow children above 18 years. Nevertheless, for children below 18 has to seek other safe sites. This app meant for children below 13 years. Gungroo’s app Roo kids provide all the features like other social sites. The privacy and safety needs are good enough to handle with children. No Add contact reaches the kid until unless approved by the parent. Children can report any abusive content and users. The information like username, password and messages are conveyed  via secure socket layer technology.


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The other app My Sketch Roo is not only useful for children but also for artists, doodlers. It is hand free and children love it to color on the iPad. The flower shapes, complex shapes coloring sheets on this app are available in reasonable cost.

Finally want to draw a sketch download this app. Link:


Gungroo is a Bangalore based startup founded in April 2012. The company has gained an undisclosed amount from angel investors.


There are four members in the team of Gungroo. They are DINKAR CHARAK, SANJAY KUMAR, WAIROK P MAKUNGA AND KANIKA CHOPRA.

DINKAR CHARAK(Founder and CEO of Gungroo)

He was an MCA graduate from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, India. After his education, he worked as systems analyst in DCM Data Systems for 2.5 years. In addition, worked as a computer professional at Fermilab, a US DoE Lab that conducts basic research in to particle physics using the 5-mile circumference particle accelerator called tevatron. After that, he worked as a technical consultant at Wind River. Later he became vice president at Jivox. In April 2012, he founded Gungroo.


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