Guerrilla marketing! What’s so monstrous about it?

Principles of Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a non conventional marketing technique . As it is a non traditional way of marketing  the product, it can be developed using the latest digital technologies. The Word ‘Guerrilla’ come from the Guerrilla warfare where the enemy was attacked in an unexpected fashion at an unexpected location. As we use creative and innovative techniques to meet reach the large mass  and to send them a message about the product, it was named as Guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla marketing promotion strategy was first identified by” jay Conrad Levinson” in his book “Guerrilla marketing”. The book describes hundreds of  “guerrilla marketing weapons” in use at the time. In order to sell a product or service, a company needs a relationship with the customers. It should build trust and faith in the company and should meet the customer needs . A company, to build its businesses needs customer satisfaction and attraction  towards their brand. This guerrilla marketing helps them in attracting people towards their product in a creative, innovative and cost effective manner.

Earlier, it was used by small scale and medium scale businesses but now it was extended to large  scale businesses too. Now it has become the most often used marketing technique. It is not easy to implement the guerrilla marketing campaigns . It should satisfy the methods and principles to meet the success.

Primary elements that should be satisfied by guerrilla marketing are

  1. Unexpected
  2. Drastic
  3. Humorous
  4. One-time use
  5. Cost effective
  6. Trust and faith


Unexpected things attract peoples attention very easily. It can be done by placing unusual things in public places.


It meant to gain the attention of large mass with minimum budget. The main aim of the campaign is to get large message receivers.


It is the most important thing to be remember in the campaign because it makes up large mass and the entertainment makes this campaign different from others.

One time

The concept  used in the  marketing technique should be used only once and cannot be reused by  the same or the others and can be used for a limited period of time.

Cost effective

Earlier, Guerrilla marketing was meant for entrepreneurs and small scale businesses, as it attracts large mass with less cost. Now it is for Large scale too.

Trust and Faith

This guerrilla marketing campaign should be in a such a way that it should create a brand value to the product and creates trust and faith in the company .

Below are some successful Guerrilla marketing examples. One common  thing of all these campaigns is to grab the customers attention immediately.

 KitKat chocolate campaign

The 80 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas I’ve Ever Seen

This can grab the attention of people on to that immediately as it is an unusual thing in a common place.

Swiss Skydive Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples Guerrilla Marketing Photo

GoldToe branded underwear campaign

Here is another example where statues throughout New York City were dressed in GoldToe-branded undershirts and underwear creating a considerable street presence and media coverage. Consumer captured photos and video of the unusual guerrilla marketing stunt, plus it was documented by local press and bloggers. This campaign was run by AltTerrainaltterrain marketing for an under wear marketing campaign

A bag that catches your eye

A bag with a child holding your hand

If you are interested in looking at few more marketing campaigns like this, visit Creative guerrilla marketing site.

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