freekall_yourstory_2Freekall is an excellent mobile service that allows us to make free calls, when we run out of balance and in urgent need of making a call. This service is free and we need not to pay a single penny. Some of the mobile services allow making calls for free but after installing the mobile app. These services require either internet or smart phone.

However, for common person who don’t have a smart phone with internet will have to stay away from these services. This may sound expensive for many people. The apps like Hangouts, Viber, Skype may offer the free calling after installing the app. However, we Indians love the free stuff.

This revolutionary startup had made calls for free without installation of apps.

Are you wondering? Don’t think! The idea is simple<->

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To make a Freekall all you need to do is just dial 080-67683693. After dialing, it connects you to the cloud-powered service. The call is disconnected after one ring and the system calls back the user saying that to enter number followed by a # key to which he wants to make a call. Finally, the system connects the call. The only trick is that the users (both caller and receiver) have to listen to the advertisement for every 2 minutes while on the call. Instead of ringing sound, the user hears an advertisement. The ads may be of soaps, shampoos, detergents etc. In between the advertisement, the conversation is paused and it will resume after the Ad is over. This is an Ad based service.

This is a Bangalore based startup. Freekall has tied up with Streetsmart Media Solutions.


The main reason that it attracted people is that this service works from a Nokia 1100 model phone to iPhone 5S. It also works on landline phones. Therefore, it reaches every person. The service is so adoptable. The 2-minute Ad will not disturb the user. At the same time, the users come to know about the popular brands. After all, it is a free service need to support business. If you are not registered, you can make a free call up to 3 minutes. For those who are registered, the call lasts up to 12 minutes. Now this service is planning to start in Africa. It is currently supporting 10,000 calls per second.


There are no direct competitors to Freekall. However, some require internet connections. They are

  1. LINE
  2. VIBER
  3. SKYPE
  5. TANGO


Freekall has received a seed round funding of Rs.10,000 from RANJITH CHERICKEL, founding member of 88 mph, an African-based accelerator program. The team also raising a major round of funding from individual angels to further expand the team and to improve the infrastructure.


There are a team of four members

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 YASHAS C SHEKAR (Co-founder and CEO of Freekall Cloud Telephony)

 He was a student of M S RAMAIAH Institute of technology-BANAGLORE. He worked as an apprentice trainee in Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co.Ltd for 1 year. Later he became assistant manager of Godrej. In January 2013, he co-founded Splash e spectrum. In addition, in March 2013 he co-founded Freekall cloud telephony.

VIJAY KUMAR UMALUTI (Co-founder and COO of Freekall Cloud Telephony)

 He holds a degree in chemical engineering from M S RAMAIAH Institute of technology-BANAGLORE. He worked as a IT Recruiter at Taj Technologies. After that worked as a chemical engineer at E Parisraa and surface chem  finishers. In 2012 he co founded MyLife Spectrum Solutions India Pvt Ltd. In 2013, along with his friends he co founded Freekall Cloud Telephony


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