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Presentation plays a principal role to convey our views to others. It is the mode of exhibition to our ideas, views, messages etc. In order to attract the audience attention, your presentation should be distinct from others. In addition, it needs your time. Therefore, for busy scheduled people this process may be little strenuous.

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The way of presentation is more important than the content present in it.

No worries from now

Deck app cuts all the issues you have. It is one touch presentation app, allow you to create a beautiful presentation on any device. Deck app allows the users to create presentations in a simpler and faster way. It is a Bangalore based Deck app technologies Private Limited, started in June 2012.

When you need to give a presentation, what are the steps we undergo?

First, write the content and then type it, add graphics and concern about fonts & adding our design skills to the presentation to make it beautiful and to catch others eyes. However, it is a lengthy process. Presentation apps have been there around 30 years. Regardless, Deck app is really fast and amazing. It allows normal people to create a perfect presentation.


It influences its users by creating a presentation in faster way. It works on any device like iPhone, smart phones, tablets and PC’s. It just lets the users to focus on their content, the one-thing users to do are select in-built theme, and the rest of the thing will be done by the app. It only takes a single click on Deck to convert your content in to beautiful slideshow. It guides you to select the right photo/chart/diagram to suit your points. It also prevents you from taking wrong formatting decisions.

This app is available in App store and Google play store. It is accessible on ios and android mobile platforms. The mobile version of the Deck app is free to use in tablets and smart phones.

Apart from that, you will be having other planes, which are at affordable cost. The pro plan is just for $149 per year and it has unlimited storage.

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Raghavendra said that Hungary based Prezi is a dominant player in the online presentation design space. It has a wide range of users.

Similar apps like Deck are:

  2. Keynote
  3. Prezi
  4. Slideshark
  5. Teleprompt+
  6. Sync space


It has received $600,000 in seed funding from Qualcomm ventures and Angel investors including saber Bhatia, founder of and co-founder of InMobi. It is a winner of the Qualcomm ventures QPrize competition and received $100,000 as prize money.


Ravi Kasthuri (CO-FOUNDER at

He was an engineering graduate (I.T) from Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology. After his education, he worked as a software engineer at Umold IT solutions and Instacoll. Later he worked as a project leader at Instacoll and in June 2012, he co-founded Deck app private limited.

Sumanth Raghavendra (FOUNDER at

He is a student of IIM- Bangalore, where he completed his PGDBA . Later he studied Masters in Management course in Thunderbird School of Global Management at Phoenix, North America. He was the founder for Instacoll and Live Inbox and founded Deck app technologies.







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