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Bazingalabs was started in 2012, Mumbai. It was one of the fastest growing software services company in the SME sector. They develop mobile applications to i Phone and iPod. They develop our ideas in to great designs, mobile app and back-end to support it. Up to now, they developed some mobile apps that satisfied a wide range of customers.

Bazingalabs was engaged by a team of people who are proficient enough in making these applications.

                                   An idea what that matters to them

The mobile apps developed from Bazingalabs   are quite different, custom made, useful from other apps. Some of the mobile apps like:



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It is an i Phone App.It allows customers to view concrete products, calculate concrete requirements, give financial advice and about construction and provides to the user.


This mobile app allows enhancing diamond trading, etc.

3.The Global Foods:

If you have this app in your mobile, you can get food home delivery from the gourmet store available to you.

4.Lupin  Mobcast:


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It is one of the top pharmaceutical company’s communication medium.

5.Lurn Q:

By rendering this app, you can learn things in which you are interested.


YoNo allows you to get opinions about your doubts, suggestions from others.


This mobile app is developed for group communication of enterprises.


This app is helpful for students those who cannot asses themselves. It allows students to assess their knowledge by some questions, quiz etc.



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This is an amazing application. By this app you can upload, manage, share and delight your trips.

We just need to share our idea with them and they build our mobile app. The process to get a mobile app is:



3.Mobile app

  1. Back-end

In between these four steps, there are too many stages to undergo. To have a detailed look at this process, go through this website


If you want to start your career and feel you deserve the place in Bazinga labs, feel free to contact them. Mumbai: +91 9618651161, Bangalore: +91 8098896398 or Mail to:


KAKSHIL SHAH (CEO and IOS developer at Bazinga labs)

He completed his graduation in Information Technology from D J Sanghvi College of Engineering. He has a great passion to be an entrepreneur. He started his work as IOS developer in Bombil Media and late Java developer at Atom berg. Then he created an iPad app for the cement material company of the worlds in Switzerland. Now he is the CEO of bazingalabs. His passion and commitment has helped bazingalabs to create a brand name.

PARTH PATEL (Co-Founder at Bazingalabs)

He is an engineering student at VIT University. He worked in project management for CEMEX. His in depth business understanding helps the company to grow its business.


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