Babajobs-Are these job portals does only meant for white collor jobs?


Every job portal shows formal jobs and it is restricted only to some jobs. However, Babajobs is a portal that allows informal job searching to the job seekers. It is one of the India’s largest informal and entry-level job portals.

The main aim of is to provide the job seekers better paying jobs that are near to their vicinity. This saves time and effort. The idea behind starting this job portal is that employers of informal labor lack digital solutions for hiring needs. Usually this informal job searching is of offline method and they are often troublesome. The sourcing of appropriate candidate may not be possible by the offline methods.

In order to solve this problem Babajobs started India’s largest digital database for informal sector jobs and job seekers. This job portal provides ingress to both employers and seekers through a variety of mediums like digital channels, web, voice and mobile services in various languages.


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Babajob is a Bangalore based startup started in the year 2007.


It has highlightened because of providing informal sector jobs. It is easy to recruit these people but difficult to find them. These people lack digital solutions to enlist them.  Babajobs shows jobs in major cities in India. The job categories are from sales, BPO, Data entry, Cashier, Receptionist, Beautician, Helper, Driver, Security etc and many more. We can choose jobs over 25 lakhs in this portal. Many people have chosen this platform to begin their careers. The registration process is simple. Moreover, the best part of this is, it texts jobs to your mobile. The salary scale may vary from 3,000 to 25,000 depending on the profile of the job seeker.


It started with an initial investment from $200,000 seed round with angels investors. In 2012, Babajobs has raised Rs.7 Crore in series A funding. The funding has led by Gray Ghost Ventures and Khosla Impact Fund.


SEAN BLAGSVEDT (Founder and CEO of

SEAN holds a dual bachelor degree in computer science and public policy from Brown University. Them afterwards Sean worked in white house with the Internet policy czar, Ira Magazinar. Then Sean moved to Bangalore for Microsoft Research India. He worked 9 years for Microsoft in the office, windows and research groups. He was married to ARCHANA PRASAD founder of


Vir  holds a Bachelors of Arts in economics and religion from Bowdoin college (Brunswick, Maine). He started his career in New York at Morgan Stanley. He was a member of European business development and investor relations team at Vega Asset Management. Vir was a partner at Indavest. And in 2009 he joined in Babajobs  and heads sales and operations efforts to serve employers.


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