Are you counting on Facebook Likes!

Facebook fake likeAs we all know, marketing is the key to the success of anything.  Of all the marketing strategies that are available as of now, Facebook Likes campaign is considered the most prominent. The importance for this is understandable as it is the best way to take you to the people who are relevant to the product that you are advertising.  The exact text of Facebook ad campaign is

Create an ad to get more Page likes from the people who matter to you.

You would have seen Facebook pages for many brands with millions of likes. What do you think the user engagement levels would be for such pages. Very less. Surprised? Don’t be surprised. There is enough evidence that most of the “Likes” that you get after running an ad campaign on Facebook are from developing countries. You may think whats wrong with it? I don’t have an issue if the Likes for my brand are coming from developing nations. But the worry some part is that the people who “Like” your page have also liked a thousand more other pages. I guess this makes my concerns clear and valid.

In general, as a human being how many pages would you be following? I guess it should be around 100. Because if it is more than that, your entire Facebook feed will be filled with content from these pages rather than the actual social content from your friends. I would be happy if these users following huge number of Facebook pages, had at least a common interest. But that is also not the case. If you randomly pick these profiles with thousands of following pages, you will see that they liked all sorts of pages.

Here are some links to articles that already proved this and i was surprised that with so much evidence on the Internet, it never came to my notice till recently.

Given this problem, i felt that the work around would be to allow ad campaigners to choose the profiles based on the number of pages they are following.  It would be great if Facebook can allow us to decide the population to whom our Ad will be displayed based on the maximum number of Fb pages liked by that person. I personally would like to display my Ad to people who had Liked less than 100 Fb pages. Facebook already allows us to choose which countries and interests to display the Ad.

Here is the link to the BBC page that is showed in the above video.

Another link from SearchEngineWatch on the same topic.

Another post articulating the same is here

With  all these evidence available, hope Startups and Entrepreneurs can think again if they are planning to spend real money for the sake of fake Likes. With this, we are back to square one,

How to take our product to relevant people?

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