These days women are very conscious about their beauty. Many women are spending a lot of money to buy cosmetics. But later they get disappointed if that particular cosmetic does not suit to their skin, hair etc,.

So, here is the super cool app for Women.



1000Lookz offers an application that is virtual makeover technology based on a patent pending facial image processing technology.

Glam is the virtual makeover app from 1000Lookz that allows virtual rendering of cosmetic products.

This app  identifies the face shape and features, skin tone etc., automatically and have  the possibility to render cosmetics, eye wear, hairstyle etc., on the user uploaded photos and change them in to a realistic photo. This allows the users to think about  how a particular product would look on them.


It  impacts the users by offering a wide variety of services.

GLAM, as I told that is all about virtual makeover app that allows the customers to choose the cosmetics related to face make-up like eye-shadow, concealer, blush, lip-stick, foundation etc,. This app allows the users to try the cosmetic product virtually and give them a realistic effect. This  increases the customer’s confidence and directly  increases sales.

MIDAS is India’s first virtual hair and color studio developed uniquely for hair salons. That certain hair color or hair style would suit the customer. The specialty in MIDAS is to try hair streaking using your fingers to paint.

GLITZ, an virtual makeover app for virtual rendering of jewelry like chains, pendants, ear rings,hair jewelry etc.,it reduces the  space available in the show-room and also saves time.

IRIS, as the name indicates, it is eye wear studio to try sun glasses, spectacles etc.

It is available on i phone, i pad, i pod.

And we can see  that this app has 90,000 visits and 30,000 from 136 countries, and 1000Lookz has 70,000  visits and 25,000 downloads from 146 countries.

The clients for the  1000Lookz are  Lakme absolute, Naturals, Lucas, Page 3, Mirrors etc.,


There are no special competitors, but few similar apps are available in the market.

Some  of them are listed below:

  1.  Beauty  Mark(available on i phone)

  2.  Glamzy (i phone  and android)

  3.  Modiface

  4.  Mary KAY



Mr. VASAN SOWRIRAJA  worked in US for few years and earned money. He invested his savings for the business and  took help from his family.


The founder of 1000Lookz was Mr.  VASAN SOWRIRAJA, he was the founder and CEO of VDIME  INNOVATION  WORKS.

Mr. Vasan  was a degree graduate in computer science and took his graduation from IIT MADRAS. After  completion of his degree, he moved to US and worked for a few financial companies in US, related to stock exchange. Then suddenly he got an idea of facial image processing and left US to pursue   this idea. He commenced his company on 2008, 1000Lookz  was started at 2010 and later rebuilt in 2012.

It is an IIT MADRAS Incubated  start up.










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